The Faculty of Engineering.

founded by the Decree 21 October 1974. This Decree entered in March 24, 1980. The decision to open its doors was made in 1980 after renting three buildings: the first in Tripoli, the second in Roumieh and third near the roundabout of the bridge from the airport which was changed in 2005 to campus hadath.

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Networks & Communication Systems Unit (NCS)

NCS is a reasearch unit at the faculty of Engineering of the Lebanese University. It conducts research in the area of wireless communications systems as well as fixed and mobile networks. Different research thematics are investigated including:

• Heteregeneous wireless networks: selection, mobility etc.

• Network modelling and performance evaluation

• Wireless mesh networks: WPAN, WiMAX, Security

• Advanced technologies for broadband wireless networks: MIMO, OFDM

• Spectral estimation and channel equalization for communication systems

• Modeling and optimization of microwave devices and circuits using artificial intelligent techniques

• Application of artificial intelligence (neural networks, fuzzy logic, etc) to wireless communications

• Antenna design (smart antennas)

• Signal processing


يعلن عميد كلية الهندسة في الجامعة اللبنانية عن مواعيد مباراة الدخول إلى الكلية للسنة الجامعية 2017-2018 يومي : السبت في 8/7/2017 والاحد 9/7/2017

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PhD candidates for the thesis proposal entitled “CONTROL OF HYBRID SYSTEMS BASED HEAT PUMP AND USING RENEWABLE ENERGY” (Project ID: 2017-26) which has passed the first selection phase in the context o

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وضع آلية لإنشاء هيئة اعتماد هندسية لبرامج التعليم الهندسي الجامعي في الوطن العربي وصياغة تصور حول الموضوع سيرفع الى اتحاد المهندسين العرب لمناقشته واقراره فيما بعد.

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