The Faculty of Engineering.

founded by the Decree 21 October 1974. This Decree entered in March 24, 1980. The decision to open its doors was made in 1980 after renting three buildings: the first in Tripoli, the second in Roumieh and third near the roundabout of the bridge from the airport which was changed in 2005 to campus hadath.

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Dean's Word: Dr. Rafic Younes

All over the world, communities grow up starting by development of universities, which is the backbone of the construction made by people who aspire to peace, prosper and freedom.

In Lebanon, conserving the cultural heritage, and the deep history of our beloved country, Lebanese University opens the door on many fields of science aiming to develop awareness and promote creativity to prepare a generation of thinkers and intellectuals to serve our community and nation.

In the same context, the Faculty of Engineering is proud by its students, and honored by their belonging to it. On the other hand the college stuff, professors and academic setting provide to them abundant scientific curricula.

Since it was our choice to carry the education message on our shoulders, and believing that it is a message of conscience and patriotism, it is important to focus on many bases, we can mention:
First: the college entrance exam is selective; it is hard comparing with the high school exams. It is made to provide to the college brilliant and exceptional students.
Second: the rejection of any interference in the academic affairs of the college during all the passages of studying.
Third: the studies and the exams are conceived following to our understanding of efforts that have to be done by the student.
Fourth: providing the college, in recent years with technicians and administrators and modern laboratory equipment.
Fifth: Introducing the European educational system so called LMD.
Sixth: Deepening the relationship between the university and the Industrial sector in Lebanon.
Seventh: build relations with foreign universities, especially with France, which was particularly in the favor of the fifth year students of all specialties.

And thanks to these achievements you and all the staff in the Faculty of Engineering and the special mention of the occasion of his move to the stage of retirement, "Mr. Dean and senior researcher Dr. Muhammad Zuaiter." This balance requires us to maintain this trust with all its achievements and to add more to it with a quick reference to the importance of:

1 - To end the workshop software update;
2 - To deepen the relationship with the Engineers Association and the Ministry of Industry;
3 – To develop engineering degrees Twinned with foreign universities advanced in the field of engineering;
4 - To pay attention and consideration to continuous training for teachers;
5 - To introduce the concept of self-evaluation to the college as a concept for Academic Accreditation for the world of the importance for students and teachers alike;
6 - The College website is a way to better manage and develop all teachers’ resources and capabilities in the service of students;
7 – To organize the rules of procedure in the college to follow the current development and to be adapted easily to its growth and changes.
8 - To encourage teachers to join up with scientific research;
9 - To provide the college with a new generation of teachers and young team;
10 - To provide a doctoral scholarships program for brilliant students without passing through Master Degree;
11 - To give to outstanding students in other faculties of the Lebanese University, the opportunity to integrate the college under certain conditions.
12 - To encourage outstanding students in the College to pursue Masters in parallel with engineering degree in coordination with the doctorate school of science and technology.


يعلن عميد كلية الهندسة في الجامعة اللبنانية عن مواعيد مباراة الدخول إلى الكلية للسنة الجامعية 2017-2018 يومي : السبت في 8/7/2017 والاحد 9/7/2017

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PhD candidates for the thesis proposal entitled “CONTROL OF HYBRID SYSTEMS BASED HEAT PUMP AND USING RENEWABLE ENERGY” (Project ID: 2017-26) which has passed the first selection phase in the context o

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وضع آلية لإنشاء هيئة اعتماد هندسية لبرامج التعليم الهندسي الجامعي في الوطن العربي وصياغة تصور حول الموضوع سيرفع الى اتحاد المهندسين العرب لمناقشته واقراره فيما بعد.

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