The Faculty of Engineering.

founded by the Decree 21 October 1974. This Decree entered in March 24, 1980. The decision to open its doors was made in 1980 after renting three buildings: the first in Tripoli, the second in Roumieh and third near the roundabout of the bridge from the airport which was changed in 2005 to campus hadath.

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- The mission of the Scientific Research Center in Engineering (CRSI) includes the following tasks:
Encourage the research activities in the Faculty of Engineering (FE)
Setup new research Labs, merge or re-mix pre-existing Labs in FE
Build a documentation database for research activities in FE
Coordination with the academic departments on the research activities
Coordination with the Doctoral School of Science and Technology to use the research platforms
Coordination with the Central Committee for Research Management
Prepare and suggest to the Faculty council the annual scientific research budget
Edit an annual report on the research activities in the FE
Drain the FE faculty members (especially newly appointed Faculty members) to the appropriate research units
Accreditation of the FE Labs to be able to serve the Lebanese Companies
Activate research projects in relationship with the Lebanese Society
- Organization structure: